Fantasy Fitness Studio offers pole dance and sensual fitness classes for women 18 and over.  We embrace women of all ages, shapes, sizes, cultures and fitness levels.  If you have been searching for Pole Dance Classes in Detroit or Pole Parties in Detroit, we've got you covered as we are conveniently located at 25043 Grand River Ave in Redford Michigan at the Redford Plaza which is close to many major  freeways and expressways.  The mission of Fantasy Fitness Studio is to provide a fun, sexy and supportive approach to fitness while building self esteem and promoting a love for sexuality and femininity.  We strive to make each class a memorable experience where women are free to live, laugh and love the skin they are in.  We specialize in helping women create lasting memories with girlfriends with our Girl's Night Out Pole Dance, Lap Dance or Combo Party Packages great for any occasion or, just because you and the girls want to get togther and have a good time!

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Mari has always had a love for dance as a form of self expression and currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Dance Education and English and a Master's Degree in the Art of Teaching.  She taught both Dance and English at a charter school for four and a half years and upon receiving the news that the school would be closing, she came to a point in her life where she knew she wanted to make some changes that may lead her career in a different direction.  She then decided that she wanted to be her own boss and have a career where she not only worked with people to share her love for creativity but also, to help women feel good about themselves and confident in their body image.  With all of this in mind, Fantasy Fitness Studio came into existence as a place where women can not only work to reach their fitness goals with more traditional fitness classes but also, they would be free to explore their inner sexy with the empowering sensual classes that the studio offers.  She enjoys spending time with her 8 year old daughter  and traveling in her free time.

Beginning Pole 1/2, Pole Fit & Party Instructor

Courtney, better known as TG, has been pole dancing for two years.  She enjoys challenging herself to learn new things and she is most excited to see others achieve the things that they once told themselves they couldn't do.  She enjoys the friendships and sisterhood that she has experienced at Fantasy Fitness Studio and she is always excited to expose new ladies to the art of Pole Dance and Sensual Fitness.



Advanced Pole & Aerial Instructor

Kristin also known as Kitty, took dance classes until her late teens.  A serious knee injury forced her to give up her dance career but she continued to maintain her fitness and flexibility.  She took her first pole class in November of 2011 with a disclaimer that she was "only going to learn how to spin" and "would never learn how to go upside down."  Much to her surprise, she discovered that she was good at it and became hooked.  That was the beginning of her pole journey.  Kitty loves the art of pole dancing and is in awe of the skills and the beauty of her teachers and students.  She knows how hard pole dancing can be so she is so proud when a student finally "gets" a tough trick.  We're all in this together!  Kitty's personal goal continues to be to stop falling off the pole.  She supposes that will happen one day.  Until then, there's always bubble wrap.