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Bio Coming Soon 

Bio Coming Soon 

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Mari has always had a love for dance as a form of self expression and currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Dance Education and English and a Master's Degree in the Art of Teaching.  She taught both Dance and English at a charter school for four and a half years and upon receiving the news that the school would be closing, she came to a point in her life where she knew she wanted to make some changes that may lead her career in a different direction.  She then decided that she wanted to be her own boss and have a career where she not only worked with people to share her love for creativity but also, to help women feel good about themselves and confident in their body image.  With all of this in mind, Fantasy Fitness Studio came into existence as a place where women can not only work to reach their fitness goals with more traditional fitness classes but also, they would be free to explore their inner sexy with the empowering sensual classes that the studio offers.  She enjoys spending time with her 8 year old daughter  and traveling in her free time.