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Getting Fit Just Got Sexy

Pole Dance Classes

*Beginning-Advanced Pole Dance Classes *

Pole dance classes are one hour long and each class teaches spins, transitions or choreography at the chosen level.  We offer beginning-advanced pole dance classes.  The classes are not consecutive and the spins, transitions and tricks taught during a given class will be determined by the instructor. The classes are not choreography based but we will will teach you how to put the spins, transitions and poses together so that you move fluently.  There is no limit to how many times per week you can come to class so you are welcome to use your classes as you see fit!

*You must have your instructor's approval to move to the next level in our pole dance classes.  You must* take at least 4 classes at each level prior to your instructor moving you to the next level.

Dance Classes

Booty Beat

I don't think you're ready for this jelly!  You heard Beyonce say it and you've seen all of her bootylicious dances!  Get ready to learn how to shake your booty in this spicy class.  This class will be tons of fun with giggles and wiggles all the way through.  Learn booty techniques like never before in a hot dance routine.  We don't mind if you share your new skills with your special someone for practice.  Heels are suggested for this class but not required. 

Chair & Lap Dance Class

You will never look at the kitchen chair the same after taking this sexy class.  Learn all of the naughty techniques needed to give a spicy chair or lap dance.  It's a super fun way to spice up your day or, feel free to release your inner sex kitten and take everything you learn home to practice on that special someone.  Heels are suggested for this class but not required.

Pole Performer

This class is great for all levels, shapes and sizes of sexy.  Engage in a sizzling warm up then learn an extra naughty pole dance with sexy walks, sensual rolls, tantalizing transitions and fiery floor work!  No pole spins are included but you WILL look like a professional Pole Performer at the end of each class!

Fitness Classes

Pole Fit

You may be fit but are you pole fit?  This class will take you through an amazing warmup and a series of exercises needed for building pole strength, increasing flexibility and endurance as well as stretching, strengthening and toning exercises.  Are you ready to go head to head with your pole?  Well get fit the Pole Fit way.

Flexy Fusion 101

Refresh your body with this 50 minute stretching and cardio class.  This class includes a variety of stretches and exercises to help you increase flexibility and balance in addition to some fun dance cardio to help you burn calories!  No experience is required for this class and all fitness levels are welcome.

Arms, Abs & Booty

If you love Pole Fit, we are sure you will love this class as well.  Get fit and have fun with this full body workout class targeting all of those troublesome areas!  This class is great for ladies looking for an alternative to the traditional gym workout or for ladies wanting to increase strength for pole dancing classes.

Aerial Hoop

In our Beginning Level 1 Aerial Hoop Class, you will build upper body and core strength in addition to leg and shoulder flexibility.  This class focuses on beginning level aerial moves and vocabulary needed to progress to more advanced aerial skill sets.  There is no experience required for this class but we highly suggest taking this class in conjunction with our Sexy Flexy Fusion class and either Pole Fit or Arms, Abs & Booty.  Please be sure to wear leggings to class.

Fantasy Fitness Studio is a dance and fitness studio for women 18 and over.   Our Studio specializes in pole dance and sensual fitness classes and we embrace women of all ages, sizes, cultures and fitness levels.  Our studio is located in Redford Michigan and we gladly service ladies in the Detroit and Metro Detroit areas.  The mission of Fantasy Fitness Studio is to provide a fun, sexy and supportive approach to fitness while building self esteem and promoting a love for sexuality and femininity.  We strive to make each class a memorable experience where women are free to live, laugh and love the skin they are in.  We also specialize in helping women creating lasting memories with girlfriends with our Girl's Night Out Party Packages great for celebrating Bachelorette, Birthday, Girl's Day, Girl's Night Out, Newly Single or just because you and the girls want to get together and have a naughty good time!

Reclaim Your Sexy!