Fantasy Fitness Studio offers pole dance and sensual fitness classes for women 18 and over.  We embrace women of all ages, shapes, sizes, cultures and fitness levels.  If you have been searching for Pole Dance Classes in Detroit or Pole Parties in Detroit, we've got you covered as we are conveniently located at 25043 Grand River Ave in Redford Michigan at the Redford Plaza which is close to many major  freeways and expressways.  The mission of Fantasy Fitness Studio is to provide a fun, sexy and supportive approach to fitness while building self esteem and promoting a love for sexuality and femininity.  We strive to make each class a memorable experience where women are free to live, laugh and love the skin they are in.  We specialize in helping women create lasting memories with girlfriends with our Girl's Night Out Pole Dance, Lap Dance or Combo Party Packages great for any occasion or, just because you and the girls want to get togther and have a good time!

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4 Week Beginning Pole Dance Series Class


12 FREE Drop In Classes

Hey Sis.  So, you've been thinking about trying pole dance classes, you've seen some videos and pictures and you are wondering, "can I really do that stuff?" We are here to tell you "Yes you can​​​" and, we can't wait to teach you!  This is why we have designed our 4 week Beginning

Pole Level 1 Series Class


12 FREE Drop In Classes Program.

​​When you participate in our 4 Week Pole Series Class with 12 FREE Drop In Classes, there are many great advantages that help you to be successful in your new sexy fitness program.  

You Get:

​*4 Week Beginning Pole Level 1 Series Class which meets once per week, on the same day at the same time 90 minutes per class.  

​*That is 30 minutes longer than our other classes which means we have more time to teach and more personal attention with each lady in the series class. 

​*There are only 5 spaces available for each series class which means that you get to work with the same group of awesome ladies over the course of the 4 weeks and feel more comfortable as you progress in your sexy fitness class.

​*You will work with the same instructor over the course of the 4 weeks-this means that your instructor can track your progress and get more familiar with your learning style and how to best assist you in achieving your goals in class. 

​*You learn how to put it all together-by the end of the series class, you will know a complete pole dance with pole spins, transitions and sexy floor work-this way, you get to see your progress in action!

​*And the part that you've been waiting for, you get 12 FREE drop in classes to be used up until the end date of your last series class! Yes, 12 FREE classes.  Since our series classes have designated start dates which sometimes are a couple of weeks away, we wanted our ladies to be able to get up and get moving sooner than later.  So, once you sign up for a 4 Week Series class, we add 12 FREE drop in classes to your account that you can start immediately after purchase -isn't that awesome? This also allows you to try  many of our other awesome classes which we are sure you will enjoy.

​Are you ready to get started? Great, we are ready to dance with you!

​Our Next Series Class Starts Wednesday April 25th.  Below are all the class dates and times for that series:

​Wednesday April 25th 7:30pm-9:00 pm

​Wednesday  May 2nd 7:30 pm-9:00 pm

​Wednesday May 9th 7:30 pm-9:00 pm

​Wednesday May 16th 7:30pm-9:00 pm-Final Class

​Again, to get you up and moving, as soon as you register for the series class, we will add your 12 FREE drop in classes to your account! 

​4 Week Beginning Pole Series Class with 12 Free Drop ins is $140.00

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