How many students are in each class?

We like to ensure the most instructional time for each student in our classes.  With this in mind, we take 5 students per pole class and 5-10 students for our dance and fitness classes. 

I've taken pole classes at another studio.  Do I have to start with beginning classes?

We want  ladies coming from other studios to start at the level that is best for them according to our curriculum.  With this in mind, we advise that you call our studio prior to registering for any class past Beginning Pole Level 1 so that we can discuss your placement options.

Is there an age, weight or fitness level restriction?

At Fantasy Fitness Studio, we gladly welcome ladies of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels! With our diverse classes, we are SURE that we have a class that is just right for you.

What should I wear to class?

For Pole Dance Classes, shorts are best as it is easier to execute pole moves with skin to pole contact.  You are welcome to bring heels if you like or you can work barefoot. For Aerial Hoop Class, leggings are suggested.  For all other classes, we suggest comfortable attire of your choice.

What other services does the studio offer?

We like to help our ladies keep it fun and spicy all the way around! With this in mind, our studio is great for booking Girl's Night Out Party Packages for special occasions or just because you and your girlfriends want to meet up for some fun girlfriend time.  We also offer photo shoots, workshops and Showcase events! 

Why Should I choose Fantasy Fitness Studio

* Our classes are designed for and attended by women of all body types, ages, shapes, sizes, skill levels and cultures

*Our team consist of certified dance instructors and thoroughly trained instructors able to meet the diverse needs of all of our ladies

*Our instructors are friendly, professional, fun and down to earth

*Our studio has been in existence for 7 years and has grown to offer a diverse schedule of classes for diverse women looking for a sexy fun alternative to traditional gym workouts

*Sexy red and black decor-our studio sets the perfect mood to help our ladies explore their inner sexy and release their naughty alter ego

* We help our ladies keep it fun and spicy all the way around with sexy workshops, photo shoots, showcase events and more

*  We promote a caring, supportive and professional environment that allows women to explore their sexy at their comfort level as they see fit

* We have a diverse clientele of professional working women, stay at home moms, working moms, college students and seasoned spicy divas 50 and over


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Getting Fit Just Got Sexy

Fantasy Fitness Studio is a dance and fitness studio for women 18 and over.   Our Studio specializes in pole dance and sensual fitness classes and we embrace women of all ages, sizes, cultures and fitness levels.  Our studio is located in Redford Michigan and we gladly service ladies in the Detroit and Metro Detroit areas.  The mission of Fantasy Fitness Studio is to provide a fun, sexy and supportive approach to fitness while building self esteem and promoting a love for sexuality and femininity.  We strive to make each class a memorable experience where women are free to live, laugh and love the skin they are in.  We also specialize in helping women creating lasting memories with girlfriends with our Girl's Night Out Party Packages great for celebrating Bachelorette, Birthday, Girl's Day, Girl's Night Out, Newly Single or just because you and the girls want to get together and have a naughty good time!

Reclaim Your Sexy!

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How long are classes?

Our Classes are 1 hour long and we offer classes Monday-Thursday and Sundays.  Please Click the Schedule tab for specific days and times of classes.